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Date: July 30th
Place: Somewhere in New Mexico
Time: 3:23 am
Shit the police are on me

Well right now the police are on my tail and I'm about 5 miles from Mexico's boarder. I just got to make it to the boarder and then ill be safe. oh shit! there closing the gates! now I have to go off road.
I found a hole in the fence! and................................................ IM THERE!!!! I've finally made it to Mexico. Once I was there, I gave the police the finger and drove to the nearest city.

While I was there in the city I was watching the news and they were talking about a high speed pursuit chase and I saw myself on TV!
And while I was watching, they said the only reason they were trying to pull me over was b/!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!! the only reason they wanted to put me over was b/c my tail light was broken. GOD DAMNIT!!!! I must have be high, and dreamt that I killed someone! Damn it!

well in the end, I was forced to stay in Mexico, because if I went back to the U.S. they would arrest me, for a lot of charges, a few of them are......destroying privet property, destroying government property, resisting arrest, and the list goes on

well I guess my days of freedom are over and now I'm an official Mexican citizen!

my Spanish name is....................Pablo


oh and my real name is *(((((page ripped off)))))*