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Before the show

Mr. T:  Hey how's it going?  wait  no...

Backstage person: Sir why are you talking to the mirror?

Mr. T: I'm just practicing umm wait nothing

Backstage person:  You were thinking of ways on hitting on the hoe weren't you?

Mr. T:  I pity the foo who wants to go out with that lovely person.. I mean that ugly good for nothing hoe

Backstage person: Never mind your just weird... Ok here's how it goes its down to these men.  There's a Hill Billy his name is Billy bob.  It says his dream person is... wait does this say someone who looks like my sister?  Ahh well that will be weird what a freak he likes his sister.  It says that he would take her on a date to the farm so he can show her how to catch a pig what a freak.

Mr.  T:  you wouldn't like that if someone takes you on a pig hunt?

Backstage person: not really

Mr. T: ill take that off of my list then...

Backstage person:  ok....  The other person is a homeless man by the name of what it says Bum as his name .  It says his dream person would be a rich person who has at least ten dollars.  It says that he would take her on a date to his cardboard box and he can show her his guitar that he plays for people to get money

Mr. T:  what's the next freak that they have here

Backstage person: Well it has a note on this person it says really big angry black guy with lots of jewelry and talks in 1st person

Mr. T: wait that wasn't suppose to happen I thought I was past the due date... I mean no angry black people

Backstage person::  Wait that's you

Mr. T:  What Mr. T  is not a person who wears a lot of jewelry wait.... just go to the next one

Backstage person::  The next person is a midget it says his dream date is someone who wears short dress's so he can look up her dress.  Eww Lets just go to the next one

Mr. T: What ever who's the other freak?

Backstage person: Its a 500lb man.  His dream date is someone who doesn't eat a lot so he can eat her food when she's not looking....  his dream date is too take her to a hot dog eating contest

Mr. T:  hmm

Backstage person: Great its a potheads writing It doesn't make any sense whatever he's on anyways

Backstage person: the last person is a really skinny man and that's all i got on this person

Mr. T:  so there's only 5 people?

Backstage person:: Well yeah unless you want to do it cause you were that angry guy

Mr. T: no that wasn't me!

Backstage person: Ok ok.  well yeah 5 people one will be gone each week 

MR.  T walks away and says

T yes 5 people till she's mine! ha ha