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Bumatwalmart:  Hello I'm from...

Bus Driver:  I don't care where your from!  Find a seat AND SIT DOWN... Damn kids

Bumatwalmart:  (said away from bus driver) Here's a little background info about bus drivers, they smell, their fat, their gay, they all like to listen to Elton John, they are always mad for no reason. (sits down in 1st chair and leans into a the aisle to ask a question)

Bus Driver:  Hey stay out of the aisle keep your feet in or I'll write you up

Bumatwalmart:  Ma'am I don't even ride this Bus

Bus Driver:  Hey kid don't make me get out of this seat

Bumatwalmart:  I bet that you couldn't even get out of the seat if you tried.  Your just a fat bus driver

Bus Driver:  Like I was going to say don't make me get out of this seat because ill never make it back into it.

Bumatwalmart:  So you barley make it in?  You have to suck in your gut... and you have to drag your gut when you walk your so fat.

Bus Driver:  Yeah all bus drivers have that problem

Bumatwalmart:  Good god,  Bus driver there's like 5 feet between the seat and the wheel

Bus Driver:  HEY! I'm giving you a warning now kid stop making fun of me or ill write you up

Bumatwalmart:  Write me up I'm sitting in the front already what's the point?

Bus Driver:  Damn those noisy kids in the back. (pulls over bus and barley gets out of the seat)  Hey kid I told you not to talk that loud.  Now your going to get written up!! ha ha.  move your butt to the front now! (walks to the front)  Hey New kid the interviewer kid whatever you want to be called can you please push me I cant fit in this seat

Bumatwalmart:  (Tries to push bus driver)  Ahh! My Hand in stuck in your flab! Hey kid that got written up can you help?

(after a min,  bumatwalmart is finely free from the flab)

Bumatwalmart:  So you just write people up for no reason?

Bus Driver:  Yeah I hate kids so I became a Bus driver

Kid:  Man once the whole bus was written up by this Fat ass.  There was 5 people per chair it was crazy

Bus Driver: All I wanted to do is listen to my Elton John music and those kids were making to much noise

Bumatwalmart:  Oh your talking about that Big fat gay person

Bus Driver: HEY that's my favorite musician

Bumatwalmart:  Is that because Your a big fat gay bus driver?

Bus Driver: Ok Son What's your name

Bumatwalmart:  Please don't call me son Mrs. jelly rolls...  My name is Nathaniel

Bus Driver:  Well Now your written up and this will go on your permanent school record ha ha how does that feel?

Bumatwalmart:  Well I Don't go to this school Look at me I'm a fickin' hobo I don't go to school 

Bus Driver:  Damn you kid now I'm going to have to get out of this chair and kick you out but I'm just to fat and I have already walked my 10 steps today so ill use my attack dog Fu Fu

Bumatwalmart:  O what a cute little dog... Oh Shit...  Run

later that day we found Bumatwalmart at a hospital the doctor needed to surgically remove the dog from Bumatwalmarts butt cheek