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Warning this site can make you retarded read at your own risk




Nascarman005: are you or have you ever met a hobo?
MadArcon: idk i have been broke for long times
Nascarman005: is anyone in your family a hobo?
MadArcon: i think my sister is one, she never gives me money
Nascarman005: do you drink 9 or more glasses of beer, wine, scotch,etc. an hour?
MadArcon: i can't count that high!
Nascarman005: do you buy or sell drugs?
MadArcon: would you like some?
Nascarman005: no im tryin to stop
MadArcon: o
Nascarman005: do you use drugs?
MadArcon: thats none of ur concern, ! HEY YOU STUPID SQUIRRLL GET AWAY FROM MA STASH!
Nascarman005: what question number is this?
MadArcon: i don't know what comes after 4
Nascarman005: what is your favorite food and why?
MadArcon: probably pizza cause you can put just about anything on it, even illegal stuff *hint hint*
Nascarman005: why are you taking the questionare?
MadArcon: rn't you paying me to take it?
Nascarman005: why are you answering these idiotic questions?
MadArcon: there on my IQ level i think
Nascarman005: what question number is this?
MadArcon: G
Nascarman005: why am i asking you so many questions?
MadArcon: how should i no i don't have EST or something
Nascarman005: how often do you visit Useless things and hobos?
MadArcon: everytime i get online
Nascarman005: what is your favorite part in UTH?
MadArcon: the funny part
Nascarman005: what number is this?
MadArcon: 15 and 62 quarter halfs
Nascarman005: do you have any comments on this questionare?
MadArcon: don't drink and take questionaires
Nascarman005: who inspired you to be a hobo?
MadArcon: probably the guy i saw sleeping across from my box
Nascarman005: does that person threten to kill you everyday?
MadArcon: no i threaten to kill him, and then he gives me unlimited internet
Nascarman005: well congratulations, now you are even a bigger hobo then before. thanks for taking the test!
MadArcon: ok