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Warning this site can make you retarded read at your own risk


These men do our dirty work, take trash off our hands and even some times lose our trash can tops. No they aren't raccoons, or bears, or hobos. There garbage men, and today I'm the lucky one who gets to interview one of these fascinating people...

Nascarman005:ok...who stepped in dog crap? oh wait never mind.  Here comes the garbage man.  Hello!

Garbage man #1: Get out of our way kid!

Nascarman005: I need to ask you a few questions.

Garbage man #1: I'm not getting paid to be interviewed. well you know I'm barely getting paid at all.

Garbage man #2: yea, so go away and don't make fun of our salary

Nascarman005: please just a few questions?

Garbage man #1: hmmm...........for $10

Nascarman005: okay

Garbage man #2: YES THERE IS A GOD!! that's more then we get on a good week!

Garbage man #1: alright you can hop on and ask us some questions.

Nascarman005: well you guys already answered my first question about your salary....

Garbage man #2: I told you not to make fun of our salary, just because we didn't get past high school doesn't mean you could make fun of us.

Garbage man #1: YEAH and even if you did make fun of us we wouldn't even know!

Nascarman005: sorry,  Do you people ever take showers because ever where you go you smell like youve been in a room full of crap all your life

Garbage man #2:  Well don't tell anyone but no, we never take showers because if we did we would just smell as bad when we got home anyways.  I Haven't taken a shower for like 5 months now

Garbage man #1:  Ha Ha I'm still beating him I haven't taken a shower for 8 months!

Nascarman005: That's really sad that your proud of that... about how many trips do you make to the dump a day.

Garbage man #1: about 6 a day

Nascarman005: hmmm...have you ever seen a strange person running around the dump?

Garbage man #1: I haven't really paid much attention to that.  well I never pay attention to anything anyways

Nascarman005:  Really?  You never really pay attention to anything anyone says

Garbage man #1:What did you say?

Nascarman005: How about you other garbage man have you paid attention to it?

Garbage man #2: well I haven't either, but I have heard rumors about a person living down there.

Garbage man #1: yea, i heard that too, but no one has ever seen him up close. a few garbage men have said they have seen a person down there....

Nascarman005:you got any more information about this "person"?

Garbage man #1: yea, they say he only comes out at night and he digs through the dump finding weapons to hunt and when the morning comes,.......he strikes!

Garbage man #2: alright were at the dump. were's our $10?

Nascarman005: here

Garbage man #2: alright!

Garbage man #1: Wahoo!

Nascarman005: calm down its only 10 dollars.

Garbage man #2: I told you not to make fun of our salary! Now you will pay!

Garbage man #1: lets throw him into the dump!

Nascarman005: No please, I'm sorry!

Garbage man #1: it too late


Well, they threw me into the dump but luckily some hobos who were digging through the garbage found me and helped me. well this interview didn't go exactly how I planned but I will probably try again later, and hopefully I don't get the same guys........