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Warning this site can make you retarded read at your own risk


Nascarman005: are you or any one you know might be a hobo?
    Majin Kururin: What dead cat?
Nascarman005: do you buy or sell drugs?
    Majin Kururin: WHO TOLD YOU?!?
Nascarman005: do you smoke more than one drug a day?
    Majin Kururin: You and your fancy shmancy words.
Nascarman005: what question number is this?
    Majin Kururin: It's like my mom always used to say, "Don't go into that dumpster until you check it out first."
Nascarman005: what is your favorite animal and why?
    Majin Kururin: I love squirrels. They taste so good once you cook 'em up over exhaust pipe of that nice man's car.
Nascarman005: how long has it been since you have eatin?
    Majin Kururin: Probably a couple of shoes ago.
Nascarman005: do you know why you are taking this questionnaire?
    Majin Kururin: This is a question... what?
Nascarman005: why did you agree to take this idiotic questionnaire?
    Majin Kururin: I'm not an idiot! I just ate one.
Nascarman005: do you know anything?
    Majin Kururin: Of course I do... does that include dumpster companies?
Nascarman005: why am I asking you so many questions?
    Majin Kururin: Do what now?
Nascarman005: what question number is this?
    Majin Kururin: 10 cents gets you a kick in the ass.
Nascarman005: how often do you visit Useless things and hobos?
    Majin Kururin: Oh, about five times a week.
Nascarman005: do you have any comments on this questionnaire?
    Majin Kururin: DON'T TAKE IT!
Nascarman005: who inspired you to do drugs?
    Majin Kururin: My momma couldn't afford milk, so... wait.
Nascarman005: does that person have a gun to your head?
    Majin Kururin: I had a gun at his head once to. It's his turn today.
Nascarman005: thanks for taking the questionnaire!