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Before the show


    Some people are sick of reality TV shows they say, “Reality TV shows make me want to throw up.”  Other people say they can’t make any thing worst then Joe millionaire.  Well there is something worst…  Hoe millionaire.  10 guys will be hooked up with this lady or what I like to call her a Hoe .  But what they don’t know is that she’s just a hoe.  At the end of the season the last episode one unlucky man will figure it out. 

            The critics agree this show is the stupidest idea no person with any brains will watch it. Well we thought to our selves the American people have no brains, they will want to see it.  But who is the host? Who could it be?? No not the same old loser from the last Joe millionaire the host is none other then Mr. T.  We all know that FOX has now sunk to a new low.  But as we all know the stupidest of shows are all watched by the American people.


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