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Warning this site can make you retarded read at your own risk


Earlier today I had a visit from people, but these weren't just ordinary people. They were jahova witnesses! These crazy people came to peoples houses talkin about some kind of religion. And now i will show you what happened when they came to my door...

(My door bell rings)

Jahova Witness 1: hello sir, we are here to tell you about........

(boom!)(I slam the door) 

Jahova Witness 2: Sir don't you want to here about.....

Nascarman005: No! go away!

Jahova Witness 1: We cant sir or our leader will kill us, we must be persistent and bug you until you listen 

Nascarman005: Go Away! Burn in hell!

Jahova Witness 1: Your the one that will burn in hell if you don't listen to us.

Jahova Witness 2: Yeah sir, you must listen to us, we will stay here until you do.

Nascarman005: Fine

(5 hours later)(there still at the door)

Jahova Witness 1: Sir were still standing here!

Jahova Witness 2: if you wont listen to us sir at least take a pamphlet.

(they shove about 50 under my door and about 50 more in my mail box)

Jahova Witness 2: Thanks for your time sir!

Jahova Witness 1: Alright now lets go to the next house

well there was my experience with them. Now hopefully they wont come back anymore, but now I have to burn all of these papers.