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Warning this site can make you retarded read at your own risk


Church member:  Love Jesus my brother!!  Here's a panphit 

Joe:  No thanks

Church member:  WHAT?!?! do you not love the lord?

Joe:  What?  I'm sorry just don't make a seen I'll take one

Church member:  The Lord is are friend Love Jesus

Another Church member:  Love Jesus my brother here's a panflit

Joe:  Oh I have one its in my pocket

Another Church member:  Did you read it my bother?

Joe:  Not yet...

Another Church member:  Read it now aloud to all of us

A group of Church members get around him

Joe:  No I am fine thank you I've got to get somewhere

Church member: You must have time for the lord

Joe:  Yeah yeah I go to church already ok is that fine

Church member:  Looks like he's got no time for us Get Him!


The Angery Church members killed Joe sadly any ways who cares