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a day and ......well a short life of a pot head (continued)

        Well i just got back from jail and there i met even more pot heads. Living, eating, and smoking with the potheads was a good experience for me. I learned how they go about their day and what they do. Here is one of the interviews with my cell mates........
      John: so do you smoke anything besides pot?
      pothead 2: that a trick question?
       John: no, because most people smoke more than one drug.
       pothead 2: i like eggs
      John: thats nice but what about my question?
        pothead 2: a whhhhoooooo?
       John: uhhhhhh, do you smoke anything else besides pot?
        pothead 2: ohhhhhhhh........................ i don't know
       John: WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
        pothead 2: uhhhhhhhh..... i don't know
        John:AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     (starts beating up the pothead)


         well that incident costed me another 2 months in jail, but on the other hand i got to learn more about potheads. For my next assignment, i will be going to the carribain to see how pot is grown.
 article by Nascarman005