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Bored why wait call someone you don't know or even better call someone that you do know.  There are many things to say but are you all out of prank call ideas?  Well use some of these ideas and you and you friends can have some fun times


  1. Call someone and say that you want your child back. Tell them you will do anything
  2. Call someone and if its a man say that you finally got ride of the wife and vice versa
  3. Call someone and tell them that there son just got your daughter pregnant
  4. Call someone and yell at them to stop calling them call them back 3 times
  5. Call someone and tell them that this is a friend form there old school then try to sell them something weird
  6. Call someone and ask them why they don't talk to you anymore
  7. Call the pizza place and order three pizzas to someone's house
  8. Call a restaurant and tell them you want to make reservations for 20 people
  9. Call an addiction hot line and tell them your addicted to hot womons
  10. call a random number and take like a really loud Asian guy. say your looking for Nicholas or someone. if they say wrong number then tell them the number you just put in.
  11. Call someone and ask them why they broke up with you
  12. Call someone and tell them that they have won a trip to Hawaii but its in the ghetto of it
  13. Call a random number and say its the phone company and them make funny noises
  14. Call a 7-11 in the middle of the night and ask them if there are alone and if it could be easily robed


Do you have a prank call that you want to be listed on this site well here's your time to e-mail me at uthbums@yahoo.com  and tell me yours come on it will be fun