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Warning this site can make you retarded read at your own risk




Steve:  Hello I got to interview you this website.

Angry Albert:  I will kill you little man!  It will be main adventage!  steel cage action you on me!

Steve:  Umm yeah no.  You don't need to act now its an interview 

Angry Albert:  Hey this isn't in the script!

Steve:  That's because its an interview I ask questions you answer them.

Angry Albert:  (Whining)  But I don't like this what if I say something wrong the WWWWWWW will cut my air time!

Steve:  Well looks like I'm breaking the rules wait there aren't any rules in pro wrestling

Angry Albert:  (Angry) WHAT TAKE THAT BACK!!

Steve:  What umm...

Angry Albert:  Do you want me too hit you over the head with this steel bar?  OWNAGE!

Steve:  See nothing it doesn't hurt!

Angry Albert:  Oh yeah take this!

Steve:  It's made out of foam dude

Angry Albert:  Oh how about this!  there will be major bloodage with this!

Steve:  Why do you have to add age to everything? and fake gun I think my 5 year old brother has one of those

Angry Albert:  Yeah a fake Gun hehe


Angry Albert sprayed Steve with 500 machine gun bullets nothing was left of Steve.  UTH has to replace yet another interviewer.  We won't take legal action because we don't care