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Bill:  Hey west coast rapper were here to interview you

West coast rapper:  Fo Shizzle?

Bill:  what?

West coast rapper:  Come on brother you know what's coming out of my pipe

Bill:  Ok then... well your album just went triple platinum...

West coast rapper:  Yeah I got to represent the ghetto Ya hear?

Bill:  Yeah my hearing is fine thank you,  But your fricking rich you could buy everything in the ghetto

West coast rapper:  Well its like this its all about the street you know what I'm saying dawg?

Bill:  What no I don't know what your saying I thought I was your brother now I am your dog?

West coast rapper:  Dawg

Bill:  ok... Dawg...  Well look over their its wait that's the east coast rapper big fatty

West coast rapper:  Shit he's got a Uzi

Big Fatty:  Die you west coast P.O.S.


The west coast rapper used Bill as a human shield.

Bill got pumped full of bullets

The west coast rapper left the dead body and ran away

Nobody knows that Bill is missing cause they don't care