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Warning this site can make you retarded read at your own risk



bumatwalmart:  hello I am a student and I work for UTH

Core teacher (math, Lang arts, etc):  Really wow!  Why would they want to interview me?

bumatwalmart: because everyone hates core teachers

Core teacher: Oh,  I thought that all my kids just loved me

bumatwalmart:  Ahh well no every kid hates their teachers

Core teacher: Oh...

bumatwalmart: So do you think your kids pay attention during class?

Core teacher: Yeah My teaching skills make it so all kids love my class!


Bumatwalmart (walks to the side and talks with nascarman005): This is sad lets go interview another type of teacher


Bumatwalmart: So do you think that kids take your class seriously?

elective teacher ( art, woodshop, etc):  Ha Ha I wish no one ever pays attention in my class,  Hell if I  was in this class i would hate my self 

Bumatwalmart: Yeah most people hate you

Elective teacher: Great that means I'm doing my job

Bumatwalmart:  So why do you always put the hottest girls up front?

Elective teacher:  Well I want the kids to at least look at the front of the room

Bumatwalmart:  okay...  Do you care if your kids sleep during your lectures

Elective teacher: Lectures? what Lectures? I'm a frickin' elective teacher for crying out loud!  My job is a joke

Bumatwalmart:  Wait one second,  You get paid just to come to school and have 20 minutes of free time at the begging and then 5 minutes of you talking then 20 more minuets at the end?

Elective teacher:  Well you could put it that way, yeah that's what it takes to be an elective teacher.  But the best part is that on Mondays I get some pot head to do my work.  Student teachers what a joke.  (Shows the picture of the pot head to me)

Bumatwalmart:  Oh my I recognize that guy we did an interview on him a while back.

Elective teacher: Yeah that's the only way things really get done... wait crap i got to go teach this useless class. (walks to the front of the class)  Ok kids now here's a work sheet that is due at the end of class you have 30 minutes to work on it.  Hand it in when your done.

Kid:  Hey teacher I did this in 3rd grade

Elective teacher:  Ok... Well... Fine here's the plan when your done with the worksheet put it on my desk then hmm... you can leave.

Bumatwalmart: And there you go the difference between a core teacher and a simple elective teacher.