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Well we have all seen them around little things to aid our pranks at certain places in the mall.  But do they really work?  Must of us I bet can't answer that.  Well me bumatwalmart and others have started to go out and buy those crazy things while you people suffer wondering if we pull them on you 


    Fart Power:  While at Spencer's I usually see this fart power and I think to myself does it work?  But I wouldn't think about buying it till I was desperate to cure my boredom.  What is it?  Its a little packet of powder that you simply "place in someone's drink and retreat to safe spot" well that's what it says on the box.  So I decided to try it out on myself.  I put the powder in my drink and drink it all.  I wait.  Then I wait.  Right after that I have to wait some more and more.  When Finally I read the label again.  This time top to bottom, when I see place in warm drink.  What the hell man!  Place in warm drink?  I have to put it in hot chocolate or freaking coffee.  Well when you want to make someone fart try something like beans.  I give this the thumbs down.