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Warning this site can make you retarded read at your own risk


Well this site Useless Things and Hobos there are only two people in the staff.  They are Bumatwalmart and Nascarman005.  Well if you wouldnt have figured out by now we are both well successful, Great looking, Smart, and the list of great things keeps going on and on. 

Bumatwalmart or Nathaniel,  What he does for UTH,  He's the main man, he's the one that update's the pages, and is constantly thinking of new ideas for the site.

Nascarm005 or John, What he does for UTH,  he goes around and interviews people he's the mine interviewer.  he also helps will ideas for new pages

Johnny K. or Johnny K. Is the newest member, What he does for UTH, He draws all the pics in the crazy pics page