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Making fun of peoples looks


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 Insults against peoples faces

When someone says, "My leg hurts." or any other bodypart,  Respond with "Face hurt?  Cause its killing me"


When someone says, "That person over there is offensive." Respond with "Well your face is offensive!"


When someone says, "Ive got a headache." Respond with "When I look at your face I get a headache."


When someone says, "I feel like Im going to throw up." Respond with "Your face makes me want to throw up."
When someone says, "kiss my ass" Respond with  "I'd rather kiss your ass than your face."

Your so ugly

You're so ugly that, when you were born, the doctor didn't know which end to slap!
You're so ugly, when yo' mama dropped you off at school, she got a ticket for littering!
You are so hideously ugly, that at Christmas, we hang you up and kiss the mistletoe.
You're so ugly, that your imaginary friend played with other kids!
You're so ugly, That you turn the opposite sex gay
You're so ugly, that monkeys won't even go out with you.
You're so ugly, that at halloween you don't even need to dress up.
You're so ugly that they won't let in the mirror store.
You're so ulgy that a blind person was scared of you.
You're so ulgy that your not allowed in a retierment home because you'll kill the old people just by looking at them
You're so ugly that a hobo won't go out with you even if you pay him
You're so ugly that when you were in wal*mart someone said I didn't know the circus was in town
You're so ugly that make-up won't go on you
You're so ugly that the freak show rejected you
You're so ugly that people won't talk to you over the phone
You're so ugly that everyone in your neighborhood left just because you moved in
You're so ugly that your pet ran away the 1st day you got it
You're so ugly that NASA sent you too the moon
You're so ugly that your bathroom mirror said out of service
You're so ugly that Mike Tyson won't get in the ring with you

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