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How pot is made: a mostly true story

        Today my assignmentis finding out how pot is made. I am in the carribain, im not exactly sure where because i thimk my pilot was on crack, but that is a different story. Here is my interview with a pot maker and a pot head...........
        John: so how exactly is pot made?
        pot maker: (with a carribain accent) well the process is rather difficult, first you grow the pot....
      pothead 3: who are you?
     John: im reporting how pot is made.
      pothead 3: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh whos porting?
     John: no im reporting
     pothead 3: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im want to go smoke. (leaves the room)
       pot maker: well back to pot........secondly you pick the pot and clean it.
      John: do you have a special methoid?
       pot maker: well that part is up to my pothead friend.
         pothead 3: (walks in the door) whos tallllkiiiin shhhhhit about meeeeee?
         John: no one is
          pothead 3: youuuuuu lier!!!!!!! im the only person who can talk shit about me!!!!1
          John: but i was........
          pothead 3: i don't care what you said, your dead!
          John: but i..........
          pothead 3: (attacks john)

     After that interview i spent the next 4 days in the hospital for a broken arm and and lots of bruses.
lets just say im going to stay away from pot heads for awile......
article by Nascarman005