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Interview with a real person....Tom
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  This site is Dedicated To Useless Things that will change you 
  Things that will make you laugh 
  Things that will make you cry 
  Things that will make you wet yourself 

This site will soon be i just need to figure out how to use frontpage then buy it

The 3rd set of the new insults are now up.
Ask and you shall receive.  All you people said to me Nathaniel I want to read more insult I want more!  Well since it was a lot of people and the people are the most important.  Every Friday of the month of April witch there are four of there will be five new your so ugly insults.  I have made them all up.  But on the 1st Friday of May there will be more then five your so ugly jokes.  So if I think of 30 more there will be 30 more of them posted on the 1st Friday of may. Dont hesitate e-mail me now to tell me more youre so ugly jokes and check them out on the 1st Friday of may to see if they made it.


New Stuff: 

1. The Home page is updated

2.  Pot heads 4 is now up!

3.  The 3rd set of your so ugly jokes is up

4.  Interview with Tom

5.  The high pac-man game

6.   Interview with Dan

Current Projects:
1.  People are making games for the site see them soon
2.  Games
3.  Interviews with real people!

Hey we need ideas for the site.  Do you think you have an idea? This is your time e-mail your ideas or article and it could be posted on our site.  If you send us alot of good articles over time we could want you to join us.  Well what are you waiting for E-mail us now!

Insult of the week: 
You're so ugly that your bathroom mirror said out of service

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