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You know your fat...

When in an elevator you tuch all the walls

When in your car you have to find another road when it says weight limit 4 tons

When your breakfast is everyone's food for the day

When you look down and you cant see your feet

When you sit in a chair and you cant get up

When you win the McDonalds best costumer awards

When it takes you 10 seconds to lose your breath when you start to run

When you dive into a pool and all the water splashes out

When your ass cheek takes up a whole chair

When you have to order 2 chairs on the airplane

When you sink in water

When your job is a bus driver 

When you were swimming in the ocean and someone harpooned you and said I got the big one

When you have more jelly rolls then a bakery

When you work as a steam roller no not the rider you are the steam roller

When you fall down and you caused an earthquake

When you get shot and you say ha ha it didn't even go through my flab

When you play catch you don't even have to use your hands it bounces off your gut