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Hobos these days they dont get the respect a smelly old drunk should get.  Although there arent that many real hobos anymore.  A hobo would trail around the world on a train or something else telling people stories.  Now a day there are bums that just ask for money so they can get some beer.  Well sometimes you have to stop living in the past.  So our senor bum correspondent to ask a real life bum some very importent questions.



Frank:  Hey you bum I am working on a article about  the crazy  drunken bums of america will you answer me some questions?


Bum:  Only if you give me money so I can buy food... yeah food


Frank:  Ok well I only got Ten dollars is that ok for you?


Bum:  Woo Who I can Buy a whole lot of beer with that money I mean food.... yeah food can you edit that out I dont want to make a bad name for all of the drunken bums out here.


Frank: sure *Wink Wink* Well what do you do all day you bum?


Bum:  Well I sit here all day with my wife Betty and we ask for money


Frank: umm Mr.... Do you have a name?


BUM:  I got no name but BUM.


Frank:  Well thats a rat you got there.


BUM:  How dare you talk about her like that.  Shes my wife of 4 years


Frank: Well that you got there is a big fat ugly rat. Well.  Anyways...  *Leans on a cardboard box*


BUM: NOOO NOT MY HOUSE!! You have crossed the line Kid Thats my house your going to get a beating Now!!!


Frank: What?!?! no I'm sorry I didnt know




Camera man:  I dont know what happened to Frank but hell I got there out as fast as possible.  That was one Crazy bum.  I Don't think hes ever taken a shower before he smelled like crap and I mean that too he smelled so bad that Mr. Hanky was jealous.

Frank was never heard of again... but well no one really cared and no one asked for him...