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Hobos + presidentency = Happy times

When I become president of the United States many things will be changed.  Our country needs someone who represents them the most.  Yes that is a lazy bum.  Your thinking right now why should I vote for this person?  Hes an idiot! Well by the end of this piece you will want to vote for me.

When I become president I will get ride of Quakers and hippies.  All these people want peace and love but in this world that isnt possible.  They will all be shipped to the peaceful country of Sweden where they will work in Swedish fish factories.  If they dont want to go to Sweden they will all be sent to the rain forest were they can spend all day hugging trees.

When I become president I will make the U.S. more money by having government people sell drugs.  This would make the U.S. so rich. But the public won't know anything about this so they wont complain.   While the government is selling drugs it will get the other drug dealers a lock them up.  The U.S. would be so rich that we could start buying other land.  We would first buy all the beaches around the world theses make millions.  Then we would buy the ski resorts.  Then we would buy small islands, then small towns, and soon we will own everything.

When I become president there will be a new holiday called lazy day. On this day everyone stays home. On this day there will be no school, no work, no cleaning, nothing that includes moving of the body.  Lazy day will always fall on the 2nd Monday of Feb. All Phones will not work; beds will be given out free. No one will have to do anything. 24 hours of new TV shows will be aired there will be no repeats. On lazy day people the only ones who will work are pizza men. No food can be made.

President: Bumatwalmart

            Vice President: Nascarman

Hmm you never thought it would happen did you?  Well yes the bums at useless things and hobos decided to leave the world of asking for money and go into the life of running... wait walking for president.  Well this part is sad but more news is coming up